The Audit Service Co. Ltd. was formed on 15th July 1991. All the foundation members were preciously employed by a large international auditing firm as auditors. In the audit department we had been dealing with different industrial and trading companies. We had performed our work based on the Hungarian standards. The intention of our firm is to render widerange auditing services in conformity with European auditing requirements fitting logically and effectively into the Hungarian conditions and characteristics. Our purpose is to provide our clients with a full range of high level professional services; to give them a reliable, accurate and real picture of their business; to provide the management with all audit related information necessary to the decision making process. In order to achieve these goals our firm is using methods which enable us to guarantee and to take responsibility for serving the owner’s and the management’s interests and satisfying all legal requirements.

Our activity: Auditing, Tax and Management Consulting

Our work standards:

    - Keeping in touch continuously

    - Complexity of services

    - Guarantee to fulfil our responsibilities

Our colleagues are:

   - Highly Qualified Experts

   - Economists with Master Degrees

   - Certified Public Accountants

   - Economists with Bachelor Degrees

   - System Organizors

   - Tax Advisors

   - Management advisors