The Audit Service Co. Ltd. was formed on 15th July 1991 for certification, inspection and consultancy activities. We had performed our work based on the Hungarian and international accounting standards. The standards and methods of our activity are available on our website in Hungarian, English and German.

Our major services:

I.       Auditing:
       1.     Providing ongoing audit services in Hungary
       2.     Certification of annual/interim balance sheets and profit and loss statements
       3.     Due diligence, targeted audit
       4.     Audit of fulfillment of tenderds
       5.     Audit consolidated reports and IFRS transformation
       6.     Audit of transformations

II.     Consulting:
       1.     Management and organizational development consulting
       2.     Tax consulting, Tax optimization
       3.     Economic and accounting advice
       4.     IT advisory
       5.     Accounting oversight
       6.     Controlling, internal audit

The main purpose of the Audit Service Co. Ltd.:


Our Colleagues are experienced and highly qualified experts: 5 heads CPA, 1 heads CMC, 6 heads tax advisors/tax expert, and 5 heads English, 1 heads German language skills.

Presently we have been provided services for 310-330 organizations, mainly performing audit tasks beside the additional advices. We have worked in field of industrial, trade, agriculture, finance, budgetary, religious organizations, sport and other foundation. We provide advices by email assisting our partners’ work.

We’re authors of three professional books. We’re the developer and user of the methodological model which is renewabled annually, it can be found on cd/website. We take part in the quality control of the Hungarian audit.

Guarantee of our work are the more than 4500 audit and over 1000 advisory mandate are considered risk-free and high quality in the last 20 years.

The risk management context of our company is the 500 million HUF audit and 125 million HUF tax advisory insurance. In addition it is covered by over 100 million HUF company’s property.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.